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Permanent working bodies

Municipal assembly founds working bodies to consider or solve issues of jurisdiction of Assembly, propose acts, monitor fulfilment of decicions and other documents delivered by Assembly. Working bodies founded in order to improve eficiency of Assembly work, too.

Working bodies are councils, committees, and other working bodies.

Working bodies can be formed as permanent or temporary, in order for them to consider or solve issues of Assembly jurisdiction.

Composition and number of members of permanent working bodies are defined by Assembly Rules of Conduct, and composition and number of members of temporaty working bodies are defined by decision on their establishing.

President of municipality, Deputy president of municipality and Municipal Council members can not be members of working bodies.

Permanent working bodies are following:

  1. Council for budget and finance
  2. Council for urbanism, architecture, housing and comunal sector, and environment protection
  3. Committee for statutary issues, organization and normative acts of Assembly
  4. Committee for human resourses, administrative issues and labour relations
  5. Committee for mandatory applications and propositions
  6. Mandatory-immunity committee

Forementioned councils and committees have presidents, deputy presidents and three members.

President, deputy president and members of councils and committees are appointed by Assembly, on the proposal of Municipal Assembly President or member group, by secret voting on the four years.

President, deputy president and at least one member of Council have to be appointed from the Assembly members, while other two Council members can be appointed from experts in related field.

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