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Institutional Competences

The Mayor is elected by Municipal assembly, from the elected members, with four years mandate, by secret voting and by majority of votes out of the total number of the Municipal assembly members.

The Mayor:

  1. Represents the Municipality,
  2. Suggests the way of solving issues on which the Assembly decides,
  3. Gives the order for the execution of budget,
  4. Directs and harmonizes the work of Municipal Board,
  5. Delivers individual documents within the framework of his legal rights, by Statute or Assembly decision,
  6. Directly executes and monitors execution of the decisions and other documents of the Assembly, when he is disposed to that by Assembly,
  7. Represents the Municipal Council,
  8. Convokes and presides the meetings of Municipal Council,
  9. Is accountable for legality of the Municipal Council work,
  10. Suspends Municipal Council decision he considers nonharmonized with law,
  11. Delivers report to the Municipal assembly on implementation of decisions and other documents of the Assembly,
  12. Appoints and releases Municipal president assistant,
  13. Starts up proceedings for constitutionality and legal validity evaluation of law and other documents of the Republic of Serbia, which abuses rigts on local self-government,
  14. Appeals to the Constitutional court in case Municipal competencies implementation is precluded by document or proceeding of State or Municipal body,
  15. Suggests release and selection of his/her deputy, and Municipal Council members,
  16. Forms expert working bodies for specific affairs within Mayors competencies,
  17. Makes decisions on small scale purchases and office supplies,
  18. Performs other tasks defined by law, Statute and other documents.

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