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Секретаријат за општу управу и ИП послове

Tasks Description

General Affairs:
  • improving work organization and modernization of Municipal Board
  • appliance of law and other provisions in general admnistrative proceeding
  • register of citizens and general electoral register
  • affairs of department of admissions, office business and archive
  • attestation of signature, handwritings and transcripts
  • delivering and register of labour booklets
  • monitoring the work of local offices
  • books of citizens
  • solving administrative proceedings if provision have not defined which administrative institution is competent for solving in that specific administrative matter
  • expert affairs for peace councils
  • the use of municipal coat of arms and municipal flag

Expert Affairs:
  • labour relations
  • the use of bureau-technical and other equipment and resources
  • the of buildings and official rooms and their maintenance
  • providing other working conditions for Municipal Board and other municipal bodies
  • providing rational use of office space
  • Investment and running maintenance and security of business space

Property-Legal Affairs:
  • Protection, preservation and evidence of real property, which municipality has the right to use
  • Managing and using the real property, which municipality has the right to use
  • Terrain and buildings market
  • Other tasks in compliance with law

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