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Head of the Municipal Board

Head of the Municipal Board governs the Municipal Board. The head accounts to the Municipal Assembly and Municipal Council for his work and work of the municipal board in compliance with the Statute of municipality and the decision of the Municipal assembly on the municipal board.

The head of the municipal board is nominated by Municipal Council upon the public announcement, on five years period. Head of municipal board can be a person graduated from the Faculty of Law, passed exam for the work in offices of the state government and at least 5 years of working experience in the corresponding field.

Job description:

  • Manages operation of Municipal Board
  • Provides conditions for labour, cooperation of departmants and services and cooperation with Republic and Province institutions
  • Provides Rules of organization and job sistematization, with consent of President of municipality
  • Prepares drafts of decisions and other documents which are delivered by Municipal Assembly, Municipal Council and President of municipality
  • Makes decisions on rights, obligations and duties of employees
  • Runs discipline proceeding contra employees and declares discipline measures
  • Submits reports on his work to Municipal Assembly, Municipal Council and President of municipality
  • Solves conflict of interest, in administrative proceeding, between organizational units of municipal Board
  • Performs other tasks in compliance with law, upon the order of Municipal Assembly, President of municipality and Municipal Council

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