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Municipal Assembly

Municipal Assembly is the highest body of Municipality of Alibunar, which performs basic local authority tasks, stipulated by Constitution, law and Statute. It’s constituted by 23 members, elected by citizens directly, by secret voting. The members are elected every four years.

Elected members take an oath: “ I pledge that, in work of Municipal Assembly, I will follow Constitution, law and Statute, and that I will, as Assembly member, act honorably and impartially, guided by citizens’ interests.”

Assembly meetings are convoked by Municipal Assembly President, when necessary, and once in three months at least. Meetings are open for public. For the public work of the Municipal Assembly the President of the assembly is accountable. Invitations are material for Assembly meetings are delivered through the means of information in order to inform the public.

Municipal Assembly founds permanent and temporary working bodies to consider or solve issues of her jurisdiction. The working bodies give the opinion on the propositions, decisions and other documents established by the Municipal assembly and perform other tasks in their field, stipulated by Statute and Assembly Rules of conduct.

The actual assemblage is elected on local elections of May, 06th, 2012.

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