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See What Others Say About Vojvodina


“Serbia, especially Vojvodina, is still largely an undiscovered land of opportunities for foreign investors. With quality of life comparable to any EU country, easy access to major European cities, open and welcoming people – it is quite easy for foreigners to feel at home.

Our experiences in establishing business and continual cooperation with and assistance we receive from all levels of government, as well as in contact with local businesses places Vojvodina to the top of recommended investment destinations.” 

Mr. Klaus Foedinger,  Lafarge Beocin Cement Factory

“There is a wonderful potential, in a very promising country, with a very good future. As a serious company with strategic customers I’m really satisfied with our current projects and I hope we’ll upgrade the cooperation further.” 

Mr. Eric Bach,  Tel Aviv, Israel

“By standardizing on our Vojvodina partner’s proposed new software platform, Vital Scientific is uniting its R&D and sales operations to rapidly identify and respond to time-critical customer needs and to create an even better market position through superior service.” 

Mr. Emile Hugen,  Managing Director, Vital Scientific

“The best beaches on the Danube.” 

Mr. Jan Smith,  Director, Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Service LLP

“I’m impressed by the quality of the work which has been achieved thanks to the open co-operation between the University and your customers.” 

Mr. Gerard Jacques,  Energy Segment Vice-President, SCHNEIDER

There’s fantastic infrastructure. We’re sure of Vrsac developing rapidly for our production. We have excellent conditions, with Belgrade on one side, and Timisoara on the other. A very surprising result, having in mind other Eastern European investments. Our associates in Vojvodina are excellent and educated. We don’t train them, but use the knowledge from Vojvodina. 

Mr. Wolfram Heinish,  Vice-President Strategy & CEO Support, Stada

Investment climate, generally in Vojvodina, was a very positive experience. In terms of development and infrastructure, such as the land registry, it is definitely one of the most advanced regions of the country, and we are also quite positively impressed by the openness and willingness of people to do business with foreign investors. 

Mr. Sava Dalbokov,  Executive Committee President, Erste Bank

For us, it is excellent! The skills that we are looking for are better found in this area than in any other area in Eastern Europe and other countries – including England. 

Mr. Laurence J. Albon,  OBE Chairman & Managing Director

I am very satisfied. We’ve achieved our goals, even partly exceeded them. You should go personally to Serbia and Vojvodina, and see it for yourself - instead of hearing from others. 

Mr. Karl Seitz,  Chief Finance Officer, Tarkett East Europe

Serbia has a great potential in the IT industry. That is why the world's biggest software company decided to open a development centre in Belgrade.

Mr. Christopher Brennan,  CEE General Manager, Microsoft



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