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Attractive Business Environment

The Government of Serbia has done a great deal to improve the legal framework in order to better the investment climate. The corporate profit tax was brought down to 10%, currently the lowest corporate profit tax in Europe. The new legal framework allows the transfer of profit made in Serbia abroad, and special incentives for reinvesting the profit back to the Serbian market. These incentives are created for foreign companies making a single investment of 10 million EUR and employing a significant number of employees. There are special incentives for employing the new labor force. For every new employee, the employer is freed from paying the wages tax (14% of gross wages), and in case of employing the ones over 45, the employer is freed from all the taxes and contributions on wages, cutting the labor cost for 42.4%.

Another advantage is that the credit rating of Serbia has improved after agreements are made with the Paris and London clubs of creditors.

From 2000 to this day, foreign investors had utilized all of the existing investment schemes, including Greenfield, privatization, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures.

Company Country of origin Sector
Stada Germany Pharmaceutical Industry
Interbrew Belgium Brewery
Lafarge France Cement
CIMOS Slovenia Automotive Industry
Erste Bank Austria Banking
Tarkett Sommer Germany Floor Coverings
Carlsberg Denmark Brewery
Nova Ljubljanska Banka Slovenia Banking
Del Yug S.A. Greece Food Industry
Salford UK Dairy and Confectionery Industry
Japan Tabacco International Japan Tobacco
Rudolf Walther Germany Retail Sale
ATB Austria Austria Electric Machines
JUB boje Slovenia Colour Production
Moeller Austria Electric equipment
Albon Engineering PLC UK Automotive Industry
Ferariplast Italy Automotive Industry
Galaxy Tire & Wheel USA Tires
Pompea Italy Underwear
Efes Breweries International Turkey Brewery
Linde Gas AG Germany Carbon dioxide production
Hellenic Sugar Greece Food and Beverages
Farmina Italy Food Industry
Hajdu - Avis Rt Hungary Agriculture
Maghrabi Alaa Mohammedali Saudy Arabia Automotive Industry
Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd Israel Foundry
Vakond KFT Hungary Construction materials
PG Lorenzetti Italy Leather and Shoes Industry


A closer examination of the investments in Vojvodina, shows a great potential for investment projects and supports the premise that Vojvodina is an attractive destination for investments. Investing in Vojvodina, provides the company of some of the most prominent and successful multinational corporations and the environment that encourages business success.

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