• Baner Optina Alibunar

Monuments as Tourist Values

Monuments of religious architecture, take a significant place because they are represented in all the settlements of the municipality.

Serbian Orthodox Church in Alibunar is dedicated to the Annunciation, and was built in 1796, and two years later is sanctified by Joseph Šakabenta.

Iconostasis is painted by Romanian Maćej in year 1897. Service is performed on the old Slavic language of the Serbs and Romanians, and in 1882 the Romanians will be entitled to the service in the Romanian language every other week. The separation of Romanian church jurisdiction of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Alibunar was in 1872.

Romanian Orthodox Church in Alibunar was built in 1896 year. Church painting is the work of Philip Matthew box from Montana in Romania.

Roman Catholic Church is located in the center of the settlement, was built and sanctified in 1913. There are modest neoclassic elements on the facade.

The Serbian Orthodox Church St. Nikola in Ilandža is important. The temple was built during the 1848 Hungarian rebelion year. This architectural structure is renewed during the 1852-1854, and as a monument of exceptional value was put under protection.

In the municipality are represented secular monuments of architecture, history and NOB. The number of commemorative plates as a form of marking is great, figures and busts, while the small number of dedicated monuments: fountain, reading room, they should be paid great attention.

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