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Hydrography Touristic Values

Alibunar does not have natural innate water courses. This terrain is bypassed by Tamiš, Tisa, Karaš and Danube. The only artificial water course is channel Danube-Tisza-Danube, which is NE municipal border. Here we have, seemingly contradictory problem, deficiency and sufficiency of ground waters. The whole terrain of „The Lower Terrace“ has plenty of water and is practically on the lake surface. „The Upper Terrace“ in NW part of the Deliblatska peščara, has water defficiency. In this part, there are no water courses, nor the places for water to hold on. Ground waters are far deep from the surface. On „The Upper Terrace“ in Devojački bunar, exist dug wells, so called „Dolapi“. People used to drag water by horse drawn. These days the wells are abandoned and not in use any more. However, there is an initiative for restauration of well, and the idea is to demonstrate his former work during the local manifestations.


Thermomineral waters


On the territory of Alibunar municipality there is one out of six Voivodina’s localities, in which the medicinal water had been used, but which are temporarily or permanently abandoned. On Janošik-Jermenovci sector in 1973-1976 period, spa treatment used to function. Thermomineral water was exploited from borehole Je-17, from the depth of 982m. Thermomineral water is obtained from upper pontius sends from the depth of 700m-800m. water has 48˚C, and borehole profusion is 300l per minute. The department for spa climatology performed chemical analysis of the water, when the presence of bromine, iodine, hydrogen-sulphite, strontium was found, and there were evident barium and iron, likewise.

The Institute for nuclear sciences „Boris Kidrič“ in Vinča examined radioactivity of the water and found that it is 88pCi/l, and taht it originates from radon and  radium, but, despite this finding, they declared it suitable for bath. 

This water is the water with the highest percentage of iodine and the most radioactive water ever found in Voivodina. During the working period of pool, there was a possibility of accomodation in private houses of „Nafta-gas“ residence colony. The Institution for urbanism and communal-residence affairs from Novi Sad has elaborated, during 1979, urbanistic project for Health and tourist-recreational center in Janošik, which supposed to have various functions, such as:

  • health-cure and recreational
  • sports-recreative
  • hunting-fishery
  • manifestational.

The department for spa climatology provided the expert opinion, and according to that opinion the water is regular for bath. Chronic reumatology deseases can be cured: sciatica, astma, capillary deseases and sterility. Two pools were used in spa purposes. Closed pool served for treatment, and the open one for recreation. Nowdays both of them are abandoned. 

Former plan, to develop a complex touristic center of South Banat, so far is not fulfilled. This center would have been built on agriculture terrain of Alibunar municipality, south of the Janošik-Jermenovci road, along with channel D-T-D. 

On Devojački bunar there is a spring of thermal water with 26˚C. The water is used for open swimming pool supply.




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