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The municipality of Alibunar is situated in the central part of the South Banat plain, in the midst of fertile fields with the Alibunar and Ilandža swamps. The international road E94 Belgrade-Vršac-Temisoara runs through the area of Alibunar municipality.

The municipality owns the most-attractive north-west part of Deliblatska peščara, which is in this part covered by hawthorn, locust, pine trees, various shrubs and bushes and dense ground vegetation. The number of species of the animal world is large. The large number of birds and animals, among which the big game, allow the development of hunting tourism. We need to point out that the largest part of Alibunar territory is already covered by numerous well-known hunting grounds. The present small game is mostly rabbit, pheasant, partrige and as for the big game there are deer, roe deer and wild boar.

This area has got many wells of geo-thermal water, rich with highly radioactive iodine, suitable for bathing. These thermal wells are an attribute which creates the potential for the development of health tourism.

Within the area of k.m. Banatski Karlovac, there is also the most beautiful picnic ground and weekend settlement „Devojački bunar“ (Maiden’s well) with 1.200 weekend-houses, hotels, conference, sport and wellness facilities. The locality is the most frequent tourist locality within Deliblatska sandstone. It has many sandy terrain hiking paths, forest jogging paths, sport facilities as well as an olympic-sized swimming pool with thermal water - one of the main attractions in the summer period.

Numerous tourist manifestations, „1st May early rising“, „Beekeepers’ Fair“, „Golden Fishhook“, and „Banat Fox Hunt“, "Art colony", enrich the tourist offer throughout the year.

The following accomodation capacities are located in the area: „Plava dama“ (Blond lady) hotel with **** for private accomodation, „Stari lovac“ (The Old Hunter), boarding house „Goranski dom“ (Scout’s lodge), as well as small number of lodge - bungalows in the construction.


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