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Food-processing Industry

When the word goes about the benefits of South Banat region, then we can mainly talk about developed food-production industry, based on high quality agricultural products from the environment.

In the southern Banat were built food processing capacities, adequate to manufactured quantities of goods. They are uniformly distributed in the area, so that the transportation cost are reduced to the lowest possible rate. All manufactured goods, except oil plants, are processed here, and the proximity of Belgrade, consumer center, significantly reduces the cost of implementation of the final product.

However, in recent years, relations are harmed between processing capacity and products of primary agricultural production. In spite of good potential, the productivity is low, and existing capacities are not used. Basic problems of food-processing industry are: insufficient accumulation of capital, lack of investment, narrowed market, on the one hand, and the unfinished privatization on the other hand (more than 50% of food-processing industry is privatized).

On the territory of South Banat,  food-processing industry represented are:

  • Corn-mill industry, which deals with the storage, grinding and peeling cereal, as well as the production of bread and pastry. In the region there are strong processing capacity. Existing corn-mill organization can place and processing over 300,000 tons of wheat, and only in the municipality of Pancevo the biggest processor can annually process 100,000 tons of wheat flour, which is over 7% of the total purchase of surplus in the territory of Serbia and Montenegro. Seed Center can finish over 2000 wagons of various seeds, and exports market surpluses.
  • Processing of fruit and vegetables is represented in the municipality of Bela Crkva, Plandište, Vršac and Pancevo. Total capacity of cold-storages is around 30.000t of frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • Processing of milk is very important to the region, and all diaries are in private ownership. The biggest diaries are in Pancevo and Vrsac, and they can process over 50 million liters of milk.
  • Processing of meat: In butchery industry there is  processed chicken, pork and beef meat, in all municipalities of the south Banat. The largest capacity slaughter of about 70.000t primary processing and processed meat is located in the municipalities of Pancevo, Alibunar and Plandište.
  • Production of sugar is carried out in the existing sugar refinery in Kovačica and Kovin, which can process over 760,000 tons of sugar beet, with about 15,000 hectares of land, and to the normal digestion in annual campaign of beet processing, can produce over 110,000 tons of sugar.
  • Production of confectioneries is located in the municipality of Vrsac. Factories that have a tradition of production of chocolate and candy represent industry Confectioneries. Production assortment represent the products based on cocoa, and candy, toffee, want, etc. There are also facilities for the production of biscuits and biscuits machines, as well as other related products.
  • Production of beer in the brewery in Pancevo and Vrsac, with a very long tradition. Yearly, there is produced over 600,000 hectolitres of beer and about 100,000 hectolitres of non-alcoholic beverages.
  • In the wine production in the South Banat especially distinguihes the viniculture in Vršac area, where the famous wine producers have got a total area of about 1,600 ha, of which 1,400 hectares of vineyards in the clan. Every year plantations are refreshed with the new 50-60 hectares. They have the largest wine cellar in the Balkans, with the capacity of over 4,000 wagons of wine, and for years now, they have a permanent transitional stock of 1,000 wagons of a high-quality white, rose wine and red wine. Given the long tradition of growing grapes and manufacturing wine, especially white, there are smaller tenants, and wine producers, with their own cellars, which are developing whole the time.
  • Production of starch and starch derivatives is performed in the oldest factory in the Balkans, by wet processing of corn. Located in the northern part of Banat, near Pancevo, in the midst of rich corn fields, the factory processes high quality corn into the same high-quality products: native starch, modificates on the basis of dry starch, hydrolysis, dextrin, glue and byproducts - gluten, bran and germ. Capacity of processing is 200 t of corn per day.
  • Production of animal feed is very important. Production in the factories can reach a level of over 100,000 tons of various concentrate. On the market are present famous factory concentrates feed from our region.

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