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V 05. Priority 3

Adding value to local products, particularly through easier access to markets via collective actions

Within the Leader+ initiative, the theme ‘adding value to local products’ is chosen by 20 % of local ac­tion groups, making it the third most popular of the four Leader+ themes. In fact, within Leader+ it is not only about ‘adding value to local products’ but also ‘facilitating their access to markets for small production units via collective actions’. This second element is important since it places emphasis on local products reaching a wider market, and this is a critical aspect in terms of profitability andlong-term sustainability for many such projects. The case studies presented in this section show not only the importance of adding value but also the need to reach a wider public through the development of marketing initiatives and associated branding activities.

Adding value comes not only from the originality and quality of products but also from locality. That is why it is important to emphasise what makes a product typically local and thereby authentic. It is also important to show how the various products take account of environmen­tally sustainable criteria in their production and distribution. Ideally, in developing and evaluating a strategy around local products, all factors which can add value should be considered and where possible incorporated. This also includes incorporating an innovative approach,for example,in the processing, marketing and distribution of locally grown crops.

Many Leader+ projects are, not surpris­ingly, concerned with adding value to local food initiatives. In recent years there has been a greater awareness about the intrin­sic value and additional benefits of the lo­cal food economy, not only in terms of its contribution to the future viability of farm enterprises but also in environmental sus­tainability, public health, local and regional culture and rural tourism, and so on. Thus, projects often have set out to encourage and support the interaction of the produc­ers, retailers and consumers of distinctive and often high-quality products, which leads to a degree of cooperation around the processing, marketing and distribution activities..

Initiators of local food linkage projects are normally from self-start groups of farmers and pro­ducers who cooperate around farmers’ markets or supply to larger retailers and wholesalers. Under Leader+ there is a movement for such local food producers to become more involved in networks promoting local food. This kind of activity can also be considered as a response to an increasingly central­ised system of food production, and supply dominated by large-scale retailing and manufacturing interests. Under Leader+, this shows the ‘bottom-up’ approach of the food supply chain in action. This is shown in the two projects which have been developed by the Mallorcan LAG, which, as often happens, has implications for the region’s culture and tourism.

Craft value of material/
(Eco sustainability)
Local sourcing, Low-energy use,
(in design, form and function)
Authenticity reflects, Local/regional
Identities, Character and culture

Priority 3: Adding value to local products and services, particularly through easier access to markets via collective actions

Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3
3.1 Support for authentic local products (production and processing of fruits and vegetables, medicinal herbs, honey, tea, pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc.).
3.1.1. Support the identification of competitive local typical products and services of Deliblatska pescara
3.1.2 Support to quality programs
3.1.3 Support to originality programs and recognitional design, form and function
3.2 Support to innovative approach to production, marketing and sale of local products and services
3.2.1 Support to innovative approach to processing of products and services
3.2.2 Support to innovative marketing and promotion of products and services
3.2.3 Support to innovative placement of the prevailing products and services
3.3 Support the interaction of producers, retailers and end customers
3.3.1 Support the organization of producers with a common purpose in the market
3.3.2 Support for market-oriented activities
3.3.3 Promotion of information programs of producers, citizens and consumers 


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