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V 02. Priorities of Alibunar municipality 2010 - 2014

Vision: The municipality Alibunar is a sustainable and strong community, which stands for an attractive environment for living, working and recreation, and as such a happy place visited.

The vision of Alibunar municipality rural community is a vision of the rural economy and society in which:

  • there is a viable and strong community, with a satisfactory income and sufficient opportunities for employment, the standard of living and quality of life worthy of modern, democratic and developed Serbia,
  • the natural environment is respected and protected to the greatest extent possible, and the growth of rural economy is based on the principles of sustainability.
  • people live, work, rest and love in a nice and easy Banat way.

Mission: Active participation of rural community in:

  1. Improving the competitiveness of agricultural and forestry sectors in Alibunar;
  2. Improving the environment and the rural environment in Alibunar;
  3. Improving the quality of life of citizens of Alibunar, and diversification of rural economy.

Strategy implementation: Building local capacity for employment, diversification and specialization of rural activities.

Resources assigned to the implementation of Alibunar RDS will be allocated through the LEADER approach.

These resources must contribute to the axes 1 and 2, and in particular the axis 3, but will also play an important role in the horizontal priority of improving the efficiency of administration and mobilization of internal development potential of ruralareas of Alibunar municipality.

The support to the activities of LEADER type offers the possibility, in the context of a joint strategy for local economic development based on local needs and forces, to combine all three axes - competitiveness, environment and quality of life / diversification. An integrated approach that includes agriculture, forestry, water management as well as products and services of Alibunar municipality rural sector can protect and improve local natural and cultural heritage, raise awareness of the need to protect the environment and invest and promote special products, tourism and renewable energy sources.

In order to build local capacity for employment and diversification to the maximum extent possible, stakeholders will, within the priority, focus their support on key activities:

  1. Building capacity for local partnerships, animation and promotion of learning new skills and knowledge that can assist in the mobilization of rural potential of Alibunar municipality.
  2. Promoting public-private partnerships. LEADER will continue to play a key role in encouraging innovative approaches to rural development and in bringing public and private sector of Alibunar municipality together.
  3. Promoting cooperation and innovation. Local initiatives, such as LEADER, and support for diversification can play an essential role in connecting people of Alibunar municipality with new ideas and approaches, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, and can promote inclusivity and local services provision. Online community of Alibunar municipality (eAlibunar) can help with knowledge disemmination, exchange of good practices and innovation in rural products and services.
  4. Improvement of local government. LEADER can assist in encouraging innovative approaches to linking agriculture, forestry and water management to the local economy, thus contributing to diversification of economic base and strengthening their socio-economic structure of Alibunar municipality rural areas. 


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