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Vojvodina FDI Monitor

The importance and positive impact of foreign direct investments on the economy of a particular region/country require an ongoing effort towards the creation of the necessary conditions for attracting would-be investors and improving the business environment for current investors.

Current investors constitute a valuable resource that has a twofold impact on the economic system of a particular society. Through cooperation with all relevant institutions of a given economic system, the current investors, drawing on their business experience, propose and offer solutions and advice aimed at improving the business climate. Besides, they represent an important instrument for the promotion of a region/country, its business climate and the potentials of its market.

Given all the above, the VIP pays special attention to the current investors, and the needs, requests and challenges they face while doing business in Vojvodina. Through nurturing and enhancing cooperation with current investors, we are becoming aware of our business environment and the need to modernize our business practices.




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