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Banat is a geographical and historical region of Central Europe divided between three countries: the eastern part is located in Romania (counties Tamis, Caras-Severin, Arad and Mehedinţi County), a small northern part belongs to Hungary (Csongrád county) in northeastern Serbia, Banat is part of the Autonomous province of Vojvodina, where the river Tisza and Danube make its natural limits.

Because of the wealth of land, a favorable location between two navigable rivers, and developed teighboring region, vicinity of Belgrade, and developed industry and trade, the region of Banat has an essential role in Serbia, Vojvodina and Europe. It consists of 19 municipalities. Three of the north - Ada, Senta and Kanjiža  are part of the Northern Banat administrative district, but at the same time in geographic terms they are part of the Vojvodina region Backa.

The largest city in the Banat is Zrenjanin, the eighth largest in Serbia. Beside Zrenjanin, administrative and cultural centers in the Banat are Pancevo, Vrsac and Kikinda. Banat is also a rich source of oil and gas.

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