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Types of Tourism

Picnic and excursion tourism

It is related to Deliblato sand. By announcing Devojački bunar for excursion site, the possibility for planned construction was given, and for the arrangement of the area for touristic purposes, likewise.

The unique natural reservate with specific flora and fauna, general ecological conditions, aeolian relief and especially microclimate characteristics, attract people for enjoying it’s  luxury. The importance of this excursion site is increased by good traffic position and connections with major cities, such as Belgrade, Pančevo and Vršac.

The offer of this touristic site is completed by trim paths, walk paths, sports terrains, such as soccer and handball. In year 2008, the children playground was built. One of the major attractions in summer period is swimming pool. During the school-year, there are organized one-day excurtions for pupils and teachers.

However, it can’t be said that potentials of Devojački bunar are well used. In order for that to change, development plans are elaborated. Excursion site complex arrengement would comprise the arrangement of free and green surfaces, sports terrains, children playground, traffic roads and walk paths, and in order for tourist number to be increased, they should be provided with profound and interesting stay in nature.  

Sports-recreational tourism 

The preconditions for this sort of tourism are very favorable, but underutilised so far. Sports terrains are based on soccer and handball terrains. The territory of Deliblato sand with good topography, could provide intensive development of sports-recreational tourism. 

Shcool of horse riding is active, although full enable of facilities for these purposes is necessary, a afterwards an adequate marketing.

General ambient and topography enable golf terrain building with concomitant facilities. Considering the fact that there is not even one regular golf terrain, the estimation is that this could be great attraction for certain cathegory of beneficiaries, mostly from Belgrade and abroad.

There are few sports terrains, but they are not arranged, so they can’t be used intensively. Sports-recreative terrains would comprise the lowest part of microlocation. All courts would be with the contemporary base, with the concomitant cloakroom and sanitary facilities.

The plan is to build courts for basketball, volleyball, handball, football, tennis, as well as the athletic track. 

Hunting tourism 

In relation to other types of tourism, hunting tourism is most developed in the municipality of Alibunar. Hunting grounds include the largest part of the territory of the municipality, and typically belong to the Pannonian type. It spreads on the forests and water surfaces, with the total area of 53,436 ha. Out of that surface, the private sector is 57% and 43% is state owned.

Orographic, hydrographic, pedolological, vegetal and climatic conditions favor the development of hunting tourism. Of the low hunting game there are rabbit, pheasant and partridge poland, while the high hunting game is represented by deer, roe deer and wild boar and other protected species.

In autumn hunting season, which starts in November, sport hunters hunt rabbits and pheasants. Also there are competitions in shooting clay pigeons, hunting wolves, and in the summer period there is hunting of the small feathery game such as ducks, quail, turtledove.

Development of hunting tourism should be brought up to the higher level, which means first of all improving the quality of habitat, as well as the conditions for rearing and game reproduction.


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