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Biogeography Touristic Values

Flora and fauna, as a part of the touristic offer on domestic and foreign market, represent independent and complementary touristic motives, with various atributes of touristic attraction.

On the territory of Alibunar municipality, there is a protection zone around the special reservate of nature „Deliblato sand“, on the locality Devojački bunar. Deliblato Sand is specidfic nature part, which differs from it’s surrounding by origin, substrate, ecological conditions, flora and fauna. It is covered by prairie vegetation, which bands sand from water and wind locomotion. The basic biotop characteristic of Deliblato Sand is it’s short genesis and the great role of human factor in it’s came into being and maintenance.


Owing to botanical expert France Bahofen, the forest expert who put a foundation for sand binding and its afforestation in 1815, Deliblato Sand changes it’s appearence. Mobile sand was stabilized, and everything before that was useless attempt, because stabilization was exerted starting from central part towards the periphery.

Then, the afforestation began from periphery to center, by breeding multiannual and annual plants, which had the capacity to bond the sand. In the beginning those were herbs which have changed the microclimate, and afterwards the acacia forests were planted. Acacia seed was spread by košava wind, on the far distances, what helped further development of forest covering. Finally, when Deliblato sand was stabilized, plant and forest covering have changed microclimate, because until then the warm air from heated sand dissabled cyclonic activity. Nowdays, this area has approximately 633mm of rainfall.

Flora is very various in Deliblato sand nowdays. There are 759 species, subspecies, forms and varieties, out of which 100 arborescent. Relict, endemic and rare species have special importance for genetic fund preserving.

Plants covering is represented by four basic types of vegetation:

  • sand,
  • prairie,
  • swamp,
  • forest vegetation.

Forest complexes are on the surface of 152ha, with:

  • acacia forests with mixed sorts of poplar and elm,
  • black and white pine forests, with tinge of poplar and acacia,
  • poplar forest on small complexes.

Deliblato sand flora is numerous and specific with several endemic plants, so it represents the fortune from botanical and economical aspects. The wild peony, lilly-of-the-valley, camphor, gorse, are important to be pointed out. Owing to optimal conditions, medicinal plants breeding has great value.

Beekeeping is the symbol of Deliblatska peščara, considerinng the area of acacia forest and meadow.

The numerous of fauna is also huge and various. There are 94 bird sorts in Deliblato sand, while the number of  insects is still nondefined. The mammals are meager (22 species), but some of them are very attractive, such as big game. There are several protected bird species, but the most rare is imperial eagle, originated from Carpati mountains. Out of the mammals, there are herbivores (deer, roe, rabbit), carnivores (wolf, fox, weasel, polecat, wild cat and boar).


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