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communal equipment


Part of the block behind Factory for pharmaceutical plastic complex and confection factory (leans on road R-125 in vicinity of Belgrade-Bucharest railroad)

Working zone in Alibunar

approx. 10ha (field in private property)*



Part of the block within the M 1.9 road Belgrade-Vršac and R125 road Pančevo -Alibunar

Working zone in Alibunar

approx. 7ha (gardens, partly meadow)*



Block 6 (abuts on the railroad Belgrade-Bucharest)

Working zone in Ban. Karlovac (for silo,  storehouses, and other facilities related to railroad

3,5ha (state owned land with the rigt to use of MZ and Municipality)



Zone across the railroad Belgrade-Bucharest

Rsidence-working zone for small economy

approx. 10ha (garden)*



Block 11 within the road M 1.9 and local road Alibunar-Banatski Karlovac

Working zone




Part of the blocks 43-47 which abuts on the road M 1.9 across the road of the block 11

Working zone (one facility for facade tiles production)

approx. 7ha (the rest of the land is in private property - fields, partly expropriated)



Block 15a in Vladimirovac, abuts on the road M 1.9 Belgrade-Vršac-Romania on the entrance of Vladimirovac from Pančevo direction


Zone for recreation (construction of motels, sprts courts, and on the one part there is gas station with auto-service)

5ha (the rest is being used for agriculture production)



Block 52, abuts the road M 1.9  Belgrade-Vršac-Romania on the exit from Vladimirovac towards Vršac

Craft zone (for agriculture production)




On the entrance of Lokve from Alibunar direction, on the road R123 from both sides of the road

Working zone in Lokve

approx.4ha (meadow, pasture, the right of use for MZ, Municipality)



The part which is aligned with channel DTD and on the R123, makes the border with Municipality of Plandište

Touristic-recreative spa. Construction of spa hotel complex. Possibility for construction phases.

38ha (for agriculture production)


* Forementioned zones are located within the borders of settlements, and infraastructure is directly along the parceles - water supply network, low voltage network, gas network, and in Alibunar and Banatski Karlovac there is also a sewer network.

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